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Associated’s newest hi-tech, large format printer will actually excite you with it’s potential.  We promise.

Associated Printers has always lead the pack.  We’ve always invested in the best and latest technology to give our clients the highest quality, greatest value and finest in support and customer service.  In keeping with this tradition, we’re proud to announce the latest addition to our fleet, the Epson SureColor SC-S80600L.  Now we don’t expect you to be as excited as we are about this little beauty, but when you learn what it means for you and your campaigns, you won’t look at large format print in the same way again.  For starters, the SC-S80600L is quick, really quick which means major savings in production times with no sacrifice in quality.  Even the finished print is better. It features improved colour accuracy with 8-colour output and tighter registration for the most superb reproduction on all substrates.  Naturally, because the Epson SureColor SC-S80600L really is the technology leader, it uses biodegradable solvents. No guilt, just sustainable quality.


Associated Printers Melbourne

Associated Printers are a dynamic and forward facing print & production company based in Moorabbin, Victoria. With an integrated team of digital experts, print engineers & design enthusiasts, we fuse traditional print production methods with the latest in technology, to create unique and remarkable projects for our clients.


Associated Printers were established over 35 years ago with a growing dynamic team and a combined experience of over 170 years in the printing game. Our company values have remained true throughout the years, seeing us determined to deliver the best quality print work at the most cost effective price to our clients.


Operating collaboratively with our clients and suppliers to provide a range of printing solutions to suit every need, we work with large companies, private clients and will accept one-off jobs. Our printing capabilities and product range is diverse and includes large format printing, digital print, business cards, stationery, packaging, decals, books, brochures, flyers etc.


With our proven track record in quality products and services, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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